General Restorative Services

Missing tooth structure can be a result of tooth decay or damage to a tooth. Cavities are caused by a chemical reaction between the food we eat and the bacteria and enzymes in our mouths. This reaction produces a mild acid that can eat away at the enamel (outside covering) of the teeth. Over time, a hole can develop in the tooth. This is a cavity. It is vital to the tooth’s survival that the diseased, or decayed, tooth structure be removed and the resulting missing tooth structure be replaced with a restoration. Minor tooth damage, like chips or minor enamel fractures from an injury, also necessitate a tooth’s restoration. Unrestored teeth can be a home for bacteria leading to further decay and possibly nerve infection, they can lead to the shifting of teeth, and they can be unsightly to look at affecting your smile.

Fillings are the restoration of the missing tooth structure from the removal of decay or from tooth damage. The tooth can be restored and repaired with metal or a bonded tooth coloured filling.

Fillings are part of our smile enhancement treatment options that may be recommended depending on the circumstances.

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