Whitening or “bleaching” is a painless procedure that involves using a special mixture of hydrogen peroxide to lighten your teeth. Anything that will stain your white clothes will stain your teeth. Teeth, on a microscopic level, are like a shag carpet. To properly clean a stain you must “shampoo” it to get a deep down clean. Teeth are no different. Many stains are deeper and more long standing, from years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine, eating foods like blueberries and smoking. For these stains, like with the shag carpet, you need to shampoo the fibres to loosen and eliminate the stain. A custom fitted mouth guard filled with a bleaching solution (“shampoo”), will loosen, dissolve and eliminate the stain. Unfortunately, whitening toothpastes are like wiping a stain off the surface of the carpet. Bleaching may lighten most stains and discolourations from your teeth, but teeth may require repeated treatments depending on the habits that led to the discolouration.

Whitening is part of our smile enhancement treatment options that may be recommended depending on the circumstances.

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