Local dentist achieves Distinguished Mentor status at the Kois Center

Dr. Buschel, a Kelowna dentist, was recently awarded the distinguished status Mentor of the Kois Center in Seattle, WA an Academy of General Dentistry approved didactic and clinical program offering the latest advances in esthetics, implant, and restorative dentistry.

The “Mentor” designation requires completion, not only of a nine-course dental education curriculum but also, of both a written examination and a clinical skills assessment. Requiring over 200 hours of continuing education encompassing all facets of clinical care including gums, teeth, bite problems, cosmetic and implant dentistry, it is certainly an impressive achievement.

“Becoming a Mentor has been a huge growth experience for me both personally and professionally!” exclaimed Dr. Buschel. “The time and effort that I have invested in my training is really paying off. I was so impressed by the dedication of time and knowledge I received from all the like-minded dentists offered during my Kois training that I wanted to do the same for others.”

Dr. Buschel has always been passionate about dentistry and staying up to date with the latest technology and current techniques. Being a Mentor at the Kois Centre has allowed him the ability to stay current by attending the Kois Center’s Annual Symposium in which updates on new and changing techniques are provided. He states that the evidence-based approach to dentistry, taught by Dr. John C. Kois, D.M.D., M.S.D., at the Center allows him to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to new technology and techniques. This enables him to utilize only safe materials and the most effective techniques possible for his patients.

For the past fourteen years, Dr. Buschel has practiced in Kelowna following his training at the University of British Columbia’s School of Dentistry. His practice, at #100-2149 Springfield Rd. is open four days a week and the team at Springfield Dental Centre is always welcoming of new patients and the referrals of your friends and family.